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School teacher classroom punishment

This bad employee happened to mention to someone that Miss Jessica had given him an old-fashioned caning and he wasn't meant to tell anyone. So now Miss Jessica has found out he HAS told someone, he is summoned to her classroom for a severe caning, firstly on the hands, and then backside, leading to a nicely caned bare bottom that he won't forget in a while.

  • Duration: 19 Minutes 15 Seconds
  • Format: 352 x 288 MP4

Lunchtime punishment

Jessica comes back home on her lunch hour only to find Craig lounging on the sofa - he'd taken the afternoon off! He was meant to be working as they're trying to save money. Jessica is not happy and teaches him a firm lesson by making it as uncomfortable as possible to sit on his lazy behind by punishing him. First by hand spanking him, then by using the thick leather strap, followed by flat red leather paddle, then back to some hand spanking, then more paddle and strap and then finally, numerous strokes of her vicious cane. He will not be doing that again in a hurry!

  • Duration: 28 Minutes 30 Seconds
  • Format: 352 x 288 MP4

Smoking boss punishment

Office boss Jessica is very stressed and decides the only thing she can do to calm down is to take her stresses out on an employee. She calls him in and after getting him to stand on his tip-toes whilst she smokes a cigarette she then whacks the palms of his hands with a ruler, then onto a black leather strap on his bum and then a cane. She then pulls down his trousers and on his bare bum does the strap and cane viciously and then whacks his hands with the ruler for a few final times.

  • Duration: 22 Minutes
  • Format: 352 x 288 MP4


Jessica's ex-boyfriend wants to come round to collect a few bits and pieces so she kindly lets him come round but has a bit of revenge lined up! She entices him into a game and ties him up to the bed and then first tortures him with tight metal nipple clamps, twisting and turning them, then moves on hard whacking with a solid wooden paddle, followed by some severe lashes of a whip and then onto a small wide red leather paddle and finally, a nice whippy cane to carry out her revenge.

  • Duration: 25 Minutes 45 Seconds
  • Format: 352 x 288 MP4

Dream spanking

Jessica's friend comes round the day after a night out and he tells her about a dream he had that she was spanking him with a hairbrush... Jessica thinks this is funny but then says if you've got nothing better to do then do you fancy being spanked? Making his dream come true may or may not be a good thing! Come and take a look...

  • Duration: 16 Minutes
  • Format: 352 x 288 MP4

Caning game

Miss Jessica plays a game with her sub. 96 strokes of the cane, with 12 being not as hard as the following 12 and then repeat. In between harder and even harder strokes is a rest period where punishments can occur so come and see how well her sub does or doesn't!

  • Duration: 22 Minutes 45 Seconds
  • Format: 352 x 288 MP4

Domestic hairbrush

Craig hasn't done the cleaning properly again and Jessica decides to give him a well-deserved punishment for being so useless. First a nice hand spanking and then onto a hairbrushing. From clothed to bare bum.

  • Duration: 11 Minutes
  • Format: 352 x 288 MP4

After curfew

Jessica has asked Mike to come and see her. She asks him what time he came home last night and he doesn't even know. It was after midnight and he woke Jessica up. As he is staying in her house, curfew is 10 pm and he knows what happens. A punished bottom for breaking any of her rules. So Jessica pulls down his trousers and starts spanking him with her rubber-soled slipper which delivers a nasty sting, time after time. Pulling his underwear off, Jessica hand spanks his bottom in between using the slipper. Jessica tells him off whilst punishing him so a very red sore bottom is ensured. He begs her to stop but not until she feels he has learnt his lesson.

  • Duration: 10 Minutes 30 Seconds
  • Format: 640 x 360 x-msvideo


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