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Latest update: Bad tea

Jessica comes back from work and her boyfriend has made her a cup of tea with sour milk! She drags him by his ear upstairs then traps his neck between her thighs before making him kiss her bottom to make up for it. That's not all though! She pushes him onto the floor and sits down on his face, forwards facesitting him. After a while she switches to reverse facesitting and wearing just a thong, makes sure her bottom covers his face. Finally she dismisses him to get more milk!

  • Duration: 10 Minutes 15 Seconds
  • Format: Full-HD 1920 x 1080 MP4

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Sissy Rosie's Punishment

Naughty Rosie is being inspected by Miss Jessica and Lady Valeska and they have discovered she hasn't put her suspenders on correctly. So it's time for a little punishment. Over Miss Jessica's knee she goes for a good hand spanked bottom, follow by a turn over Lady Valeska's knee. Then they tell Rosie to kneel on the sofa and they both spank her bottom with leather paddles either side.

  • Duration: 6 Minutes
  • Format: Full-HD 1920 x 1080 MP4

Rent again

Jessica has called in her tenant to ask him where his rent is again. After discussions, she makes him fetch a leather paddle and tells him he's going to get a punishment for being so useless, whilst they discuss this further. She takes down his trousers and gets him to bend over a side-cupboard and starts spanking his bare bottom with the paddle. She then, to his surprise, has another thinner paddle to use on his bottom. But that's not it! She finally uses an oval shaped wooden paddle which really stings.

  • Duration: 9 Minutes 45 Seconds
  • Format: Full-HD 1920 x 1080 MP4

Creates no fun

Miss Jessica drags in her boyfriend for a long overdue punishment. She pulls down his trousers and orders him over her knee and starts telling him off whilst hand spanking his bottom. He never creates any fun in their relationship and she's had enough. No surprises, no nothing! She then takes off her slipper and starts spanking him with that and says this will be her idea of fun from now on unless he does something about it. Otherwise, punishments on a weekly basis.

  • Duration: 10 Minutes
  • Format: Full-HD 1920 x 1080 MP4

Elasticity lesson

Headmistress Wood has called her Science Teacher Mike in to see her. She has found out that he decided to teach a lesson about elasticity by pulling a female pupil's bra strap from her back and snapping it back! Miss Jessica is disturbed by his teaching methods and he is going to get a punishment from her to make sure he uses better ways. His trousers are taken down and he's bent across a school desk. With a few strokes with his underwear still on, his pants are then pulled down for many strokes on his bare bottom.

  • Duration: 10 Minutes 30 Seconds
  • Format: Full-HD 1920 x 1080 MP4

Office wanker

The two bosses of the company have called in Ben for a meeting. It appears the office cleaner caught him wanking at his desk! They ask him if he wants his job? The only way to keep it if he takes a punishment right now! He is ordered to take his trousers and underwear off. The bosses take off their shoes and make it clear the punishment is to his balls. They start by kicking his balls, then kneeing, more kicking and lots more punishment to his balls until they're happy.

  • Duration: 11 Minutes
  • Format: Full-HD 1920 x 1080 MP4

Last minute presents

Jessica is waiting for her husband to come back as it's her birthday. He comes in with some discounted flowers from a supermarket and the smallest box of chocolates ever - plus he's eaten one! So Jessica grabs him by his ear and pulls him across her knee on the sofa and starts hand spanking his bottom. However, after a while she decides to take off one of her flip-flops and starts spanking him with that. She is very mad and upset with him so he gets a good telling off and a very red bottom.

  • Duration: 10 Minutes
  • Format: Full-HD 1920 x 1080 MP4


A man is naked and tied up against a wall, facing the wall. He is there for abusing a well-known female celebrity and that is not on. He has been sent to see MOPTIC which stands for Male Obedience Punishment and Training Course. So he's going to get a punishment with a whip across his back. Comments like that are not allowed in their society and he's going to pay the price.

  • Duration: 8 Minutes
  • Format: Full-HD 1920 x 1080 MP4

Holiday flip-flops

Jessica has her husband in for a chat with him across her knee! She thought they would have a little pre-emptive spanking to make sure he was well behaved on their forth-coming holiday. She spanks him with her hand initially but then talks of her new holiday flip-flops and takes one off to then test spanking his bottom with, as then that's what she'll use on holiday if he misbehaves, so he will know what's coming!

  • Duration: 10 Minutes
  • Format: Full-HD 1920 x 1080 MP4

Gym outfits

Jessica and Mel have been to the gym and their housemate is laughing at their outfits when they come back. They take offence at his rude comments and decide to smother his little face with their sweaty leggings and tights. Facesitting himo on the sofa to start with they take it in turns and then drag him onto the floor for more solo and double facesitting.

  • Duration: 10 Minutes
  • Format: Full-HD 1920 x 1080 MP4


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